Know your customer Wifi problems even before they report


Reliable WiFi experience will become the key factor to retain a customer.  Irrespective of how good the wireless hardware is customers do experience wireless network being slow or complaining that the internet is down. The solution could be simple, maybe you just need to figure out the right place to put your access points , but to get to the solution the customer needs expert understanding of the behaviour of wireless Network. Most of these customer issues goes un-noticed leading to an unsatisfied customer impacting your future sales.

Aprecomm A.I enabled Virtual Wireless Expert (VWE) Vyom helps WiFi OEM and ODM to retain their customers which contributes to more than 50% of their future revenue. VWE is constantly connected to the customer measuring the QOE of the customer and provide solutions or suggestion for customer issues even before they are reported.

VWE Features

Deployment Assist

Improve customer experience by providing proactive deployment suggestions


Profile issues/anomalies with insights across deployments


Baselines across Radio/Client/ parameters to measure QoE.

Reduced Support Cost

Save upto 70% of OpEx

Failure & Anomaly Detection

Analyze real-time behavioural patterns and identify breaches


Assured Wireless Service

VWE Dashboard

Measure user Experience through Correlation
VWE is constantly connected to customer measuring and analysing Customer wireless needs
Event Analysis
Details analysis for every failure events.

Reason behind every failure events

 Measures User Happiness Index

VWE’s module hiSense correlates various event and parameters and continuously measure User Experience.


Multi-tenant and multi-hierarchy support

Easy to deploy and Manage


Deployment Assist
Provides suggestions for better user experience in a deployment.