EVOLV - Automate your IT


Measure User Experience

Correlate using A.I

Auto Manage WiFi

Enhance Experience

Reduced Down Times

Auto Recover

Proactive Actions

Benefits of the Wi-Fi Assurance Service

Increased Reliability

👍 Proactively Resolve customer issues through A.I inference
👍 Capture common issues affecting multiple customers
👍 Create AP affinity for clients based on its agility to improve connection times and provide assured services using iCell.

Automate IT Support - Reduced OpEx

👍 Auto adapt to environmental changes to provide superior performance

👍 Build behavioural Intelligence of Client Model / Firmware and isolate low performing/rouge clients in a deployment and optimise for better performance



Reduced Cloud Usage


Faster response time: Power of data storage and computation is distributed and local. No roundtrip to the cloud reduces latency and empowers faster responses.

Adapting to environment
Automatically Tunes WiFi configurations to Environmental needs using co-ordinated actions and collective decisions with neighbouring devices for smooth handoffs.
Proactively tune for better Experience
Irrespective of how good the wireless hardware is customers do experience wireless network being slow or complaining that the internet is down. Root causing these issue in customer environment is quite challenging and time consuming and most of the time even after resolving the issue, customer might complain a similar problem. Evolv proactively learns the customer environment and tunes your wireless even before the customer notices an problem and adjust to a best configuration by constantly analysing the behaviour
Auto-configure to Fix issue
Proactively identify and fix the root causes of problems
Provide suggestion where Human intervention is required
Evolv provides A.I suggestions to resolve Deployment issues which requires human intervention.
Self Heal issues through learning
The Evolv A.I engine inside the Wireless Routers constantly learn the changes in the Deployment environment and self-adjusts the WiFI parameters specific to the Deployment thus providing superior performance
Reservations through prediction
Evolv A.I engine learns the behaviours of connected client and its demands and proactively reserves bandwidths or queue priorities based on predicted requirements over time.