Our Story

The APRE in Aprecomm stands for Analyse , Predict , Reason  and Evolv the four  main characteristics of human intelligence required to solve problems and make decision .

Aprecomm’s vision is to bring intelligence into Edge Devices transforming them to Self-Organizing Devices enabling new Business Models and A.I applications.

With our combined expertise in WiFi and Data science we have developed industries first AI stack for WiFi OEMs/ODMs that can be easily integrated to their SDK for increased insight into their customers’ experience and to provide automated IT services with reduced support cost.


Our Strengths

Our Strength is Strong Domain Knowledge in WLAN and In Depth Expertise in providing High Density WLAN Solutions combined with Data Science

Our Vision

Create Next Generation Devices by incorporating Intelligence into them which allows them to Analyze, Predict, Reason and Evolv

Our Team

Group of Passionate Engineers with a drive to Innovate come together with their roots from Qualcomm Atheros and worked across Enterprise WLAN companies