Aprecomm Launches NLP based Query Engine VICE

Aprecomm Launches NLP based Query Engine VICE

Aprecomm’s Vyom Interactive Correlation Engine (VICE) provides a simple voice/text-based interface to talk to Virtual Wireless Expert 

January 5, 2019 –

Aprecomm, The industry’s first company to offer AI Stack for WiFi OEM/ODMs in collaboration with Relay2, a leading innovator in cloud-managed WiFi and edge computing platform solutions, announced an NLP based virtual wireless expert(VWE).

Using Aprecomm’s AI and NLP, VICE provides VWE the ability to read, understand and derive appropriate intents from the human queries, in a human-like way and come up with appropriate responses.

Customers don’t require any wireless expertise to interact with VICE. It lets the customers interact naturally in their own words, creating an effortless customer experience. Queries could be as simple as  “why is Kevin’s MacBook having a very bad voice call quality?”.

VICE understands the query and comes up with simple reasoning along with supporting statistical information to the query, which is easily understandable by the customer. It can also come up with potential suggestions to the overcomes the problems WiFi issues customers are facing.


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