Smart Devices Need Smart WiFi

We are on the cusp of a technological shift where the majority of global internet traffic is expected to begin or end on a WiFi network. WiFi networks are expected to work without any downtimes. Traditional Reactive Methods of IT Support are no longer acceptable to the customer. Aprecomm's A.I. Engine Evolv will inject WiFi Routers with Contextual Intelligence to transform them into Self Organizing Devices, providing Proactive Monitoring and Complete IT Automation

Reduced DownTime

Aprecomm’s A.I Engine Evolv, proactively monitors Wireless Deployments 24x7. Conditions which can potentially lead to poor Wireless Experience are detected and resolved before the customer complains, in turn, reducing critical downtime costs by 90%

Reduced OpEx Cost

Operational Cost Constitutes to 70% of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of Wireless Routers.
Given that Wireless being a very dynamic medium, IT Supports spends a lot of time and money in Root Cause Analysis of Wireless Issues. Aprecomm's Vyom Dashboard powered by Evolv AI Engine provides precise contextual insights for arising Wireless issues helping IT to identify the problem with just one mouse click.

Improved Performance

Edge Intelligence provided by Aprecomm's Evolv Engine equips Wireless Routers to build Behavioral Analysis of Wireless Devices which improves Wireless Performance by 50%

Maximizing ROI

Reduced Cloud Cost with Intelligence Edge Devices, IT support Automation acts a Enablers for a Inevitable Wireless as a Service Market which would maximize Return on Investments

Everything you need in one place

Virtual Wireless Expert
Aprecomm A.I enabled Virtual Wireless Expert (VWE) helps WiFi OEM and ODM to retain their customers. VWE is constantly connected to the customer measuring the QoE (Quality of Experience), detects problems before reported and tunes the network to correct.
IT Automation
Aprecomm A.I engine 'Evolv' learns trends from large sets of unstructured real world data, and correlate with various dynamic events ensuring superior Quality of Experience for end users. 'Evolv' is constantly connected to the customer measuring the QOE ensuring superior performance taking pro active actions catering to customer needs.
Evolving Intelligence
Aprecomm's Cortex a convolution memory interface stores information across various layers of wireless network and builds intelligence of deployed environments. A continuous self-learning engine which helps providing superior performance day by day.


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