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Customer Aware WLANs


Don’t Guess how your customer is experiencing Wifi. Know his Wireless Experience before he complains. Act Fast, Think Smart. Aprecomm’s Access Points allows you to do the same


Our partners are able to…


Stand out from the competition


Increase Sale to Lead Conversion Ratio


Build new recurrent revenue streams


Proactive support to address issues before customer complains


Provide best Customer Experience and Obtain good Customer Satisfaction


Increase Customer Retention Rates

Our Partner Programme gives you the opportunity to sell Aprecomm Wireless Routers as either a Preferred, Approved or Referral partner.
Depending on the programme chosen, you will benefit from varying levels of discount and support from our team

Why partner with Aprecomm?

Aprecomm Offers AI Enabled Wifi Solution with Proactive Monitoring allowing MSPs to remotely manage the network with peace. Reduced Downtime helps MSP to create Wifi as a Service Model with Guaranteed Service Level Assurances.  Aprecomm helps MSPs to create customized Business models to meet customer needs

Save Support Cost And Increase Revenues
Increase Sale to Lead Ratio
Know Your Customer Experience
Increase Customer Retention Rate
Proactive Network Management
Enhance your Recurring Revenue
Know Growing Demands of Customers
Manage Network with Ease

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